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I. Love. Paper.


Love it. Clean, flat, unwrinkled. Buying packs of paper was my favorite part of the new school year. I designed my own wedding invitations I think as an excuse to collect more paper. But it actually turned into something more. The wedding invitation selection (at that time) was limited to the books you find at the bridal salon (cue embossed images of brides and doves). Nothing seemed very personal. I had design experience...and that darn love for paper and voila, JA.M Scripts was born.


That was 19 years ago. I’m a full time graphic designer specializing in wedding design and stationery as well as some logo design and corporate materials. I’ve designed over 150 weddings; from small intimate settings to “My Big Fat Greek” and everything in between. Each of them personal and unlike the one before it.


Bring me your ideas, your colors, your thoughts and I’ll put together something special. It’s your wedding and you have to get your guests there somehow.


Send them some “wow”...

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